Corporate Softwares

AssetExpert - Fixed Asset Software

Key Features

Instant XBRL - XBRL Filing Software

Key Features

3 Ways to do Data Entry

1 Excel Template

2 Tagging by Drag & Drop or

3 Direct Data entry

EasyTDS - TDS Management Software

Key Features

Web based version also available - Centralised processing for all branches.

DNP - Default Notice Predictions before you file your e-TDS Returns / Statements

eFormExpert - IT Return eFiling Software

Key Features

ServiceTax - Manage Service Tax Compliance

Key Features

Online Challan & Electronic Return

ChequeMate - Cheque Printing Software

Cheque Mate is unique user-friendly software that allows to you manage and maintain records of any number of bank accounts of multiple companies effortlessly and efficiently. With Cheque Mate with TDS, you can also manage the cheque transactions of your companies.

It is used by more than 200 companies in Kolkata covering clientele from all sectors like educational institutes, hotels & hospitality, manufacturing concerns, financials firms, real estates, government sectors etc.

Why Cheque Mate ?

  • Support any Printer
  • Print cheques for Payments
  • Print covering letters for these cheques
  • Cancellation for cheques
  • Stop Payment on cheques
  • Link from all financial Accounting packages
  • Generate Various Reports
  • Import from any file types("Text, Excel, Database, Tally,ODBC also)
  • Export from cheque Details(Text, Excel)