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Computer Papers & Pre Printed Stationery Forms :

A Company's Stationery is more important than most people think. It serves as an introduction. It projects company's image and reflects the way one conducts his business. We do that elegantly in a Businesslike manner. Our professionals make use of modern machines in order to ensure flawless finish and high quality of the stationery. These products are rendered by us at most affordable rates as per the specifications provided by clients.

We supply Pre – Printed Computer forms, continuous papers, inkjet (Xerox) papers.



Quality pre printed continuous forms jobs are our specialty. The impression one gets at the first instance is most important. We have all the qualities to make your stationery stand out. Pure white, crisp, smooth and with inherent strength to stay that way longer. It adds a sophisticated touch and gives your company a distinct identity.

We print Share Certificates, L.I.C. Receipts, Tax Invoice, Pay Slips, Share Contract Notes, Cash Memos and Invoice. We specialize in printing any type of Invoice for whole sale medical stores. We have developed our self of printing of Auto Jobs Sheets, Muster Roll, Diagnostic Reports, Continuous Cinema Tickets, Cooking Gas Slips, We even print Wages / salary preprinted envelopes etc. You can get them printed on best quality papers of your choice, upto six colour combinations and upto five parts.

We also do most sophisticated printing which is visible only by ultra violate rays (not by naked eyes) such as printing of University / Board Mark sheets, Bankers Cheques, MICR Dividend / Interest Warrants and such other important documents which need security and confidentiality.



Blank Continuous Stationery

We are also the supplier of Blank & EZR continuous computer papers of TNPL & Century brand. It includes papers with sprochet holes on both sides which are used on dot-matrix as well as line printer to produce the data. Our range meets the global quality standards and is an economic way of printing data. EZR or Green bar or Blue bar Computer Paper is also a Blank Computer Paper which means Easy to Read Computer Paper.

Sizes available are 10" x 12", 15" x 12, etc. or any other size per client's requirements. Single or Multi-part Stationery with Carbon interleaved. It is and economical way of printing data on paper.

Packing / per piece quantity includes

  • 60 | 70 GSM Single Part - 3000 Sheets
  • 80 GSM Single Part - 2000 forms|sheets
  • 2 Part – 750 | 1000 sets
  • 3 Part | 4 Part | 5 Part - 500 sets
  • 6 Part - 250 sets



Carbon Less Continuous Stationery

Carbonless Stationery means paper coated with carbon on either front or back or both front and back side. We offer our clients a wide range of these kinds of stationeries which is used for various official and commercial purposes. We offer Multiple Copy Application Forms that are available in easily readable font. We print these application forms in quality paper, using efficient printing press. These application forms are used in schools, colleges, banks and other official purposes. Available in different fonts, font size and color, we custom make these application forms as per the requirement of our clients. These kinds of stationeries save printing time and cartridges.



Our company provides an excellent quality photocopy paper which has been manufactured through a quality raw material and can be availed at competitive prices. We supply photocopier papers which are made up of good quality paper pulp. These papers provide full resistance against ink blotting, providing smoothness in the photocopied or xeroxed matter and clarity in the visibility in the prints. The papers we supply don’t get crumbled easily when introduced to the photo copier machine.

They are available in regular A4 as well as other sizes in 70 / 75 / 80 gsm with brightness of 80%-98%.

The copier papers that we supply are of grade ‘A’ quality which is superfine and super bright.

  • Copy Power
  • J.K.Copier
  • Andhra
  • TNPL
  • Khanna

We are able to fulfill the bulk requirements of these papers as the requirements of the client.

ACC’s Paper Magic

  • Forms available in Packets, Rolls & Cut Sheet forms.
  • Forms available in sizes 6" to 16" wide and depth 6" to 14" manufactured on Best Quality papers of all grades, varied thickness, brightness and smoothness from reputed paper mills, including colored and carbonless paper.
  • Forms in single as well as multipart in Blank / Easy Read and preprinted up to 6 colours, interleaved with Best quality one time tissue carbon.
  • Numbering on all types including Serial, Crash, Bar code, MICR etc therefore you can count forms instantly.
  • Optimum perforation, perfect alignment & clear punch holes.
  • Can with stand jerks and pressure of High Speed Line Printers.
  • Our delivery vans give instant delivery.
  • We have fastest and modern printing infrastructure and provide attractive printing in latest type styles.
  • E Z R in number of exclusive designs, varieties and colours. Assistance in designing and attractive layouts provided by specialists in various fields.
  • Rainbow colour printing or with vignette effect available.
  • Lastly but not the least packed in weather, dust and tamperproof Shrink Packaging.