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Computer Data Processing | BPO :

In order to maintain your business you must have proper and effective database of every information in and out of your company. May it be your cliental database or may it be keeping track of correspondence sent to your organization for your own future use of legal requirements.

Data processing is essential to feed in proper formatted data in the database. Thus, data entry services are also a part of it.

For Data Entry and other Data Processing tasks ACC is one of the oldest & leading data processing centre of Kolkata serving reputed corporate clients of different sectors since it was incorporated. We have experts who carry out most of our tasks as that closes up the geographic differences. We have worked and are working with reputed clients in Kolkata and always look forward for a long-term business relationship with them. We are working for government organisations like ESI, AAI etc.

We provide all types of Data Processing Services.



Today organisations all over the world are outsourcing their ancillary activities. Payroll processing is one such, since it is a time bound, labour intensive job, which does not contribute directly to a company's functioning.

A good payroll management system is required for labour intensive industries like jute, tea , wagon tyre, cements and mining where the number of employee’s runs into thousands and where wages are paid on a weekly and fortnightly basis. For such labour intensive organisations, a flexible, accurate and timely payroll management system is very important. Our payroll management system is equipped for efficiency. We work on both off shore and on site basis.

Some of the major reports our system generates are Pay slips, Attendance Register, PF Reports, ESI, Leave etc

Why Outsource ???

  • Allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Reduces capital costs of infrastructure.
  • Makes best use of competitive resources available worldwide.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with higher value addition jobs.
  • Your Competitors may be doing it.


Large organisations that manufacture or trade in a variety of products often find difficulty in managing their inventories, which may lead to over and under stocking. They need precise and timely information on re-order quantities, lead time, stock position etc.

This is where our Inventory Management System plays an important role. Our solutions are customized to the core to suit the exact requirements of clients. They can be designed at a moment's notice to suit any platform on which the client is working or would like to work.

Some of the major reports generated by our system include: Movement Register, Maximum and Minimum Levels, EOQ Levels, ABC Analysis, Aging Analysis etc.



ACC is the leading provider of customized outsourcing solutions for an extensive range of Finance & Accounting services. Our comprehensive client-specific solutions help improve correctness, reliability, and timeliness of services offered to client organisations.

We provide following services as follows

  • Share Accounting including annual statutory reports/dividend processing | bonus or right issues.
  • Fixed asset accounting.
  • Income tax calculation for salary including TDS return, online filing etc.
  • Financial transaction processing.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Gratuity and leave encashment valuations.

Further ACC adds value to the process by applying robust tools developed by in house IT experts integrated with best of the class tools available in market for more than 25 years

ACC’s end-to-end Finance & Accounting services are aimed at helping you :

  • Comply with corporate governance law.
  • Tighter financial control.
  • Reduce operational risk.
  • Deliver information to support mission.
  • Improve productivity and service levels.
  • Focus on strategic business goals.


In today's world everybody knows that the most precious resource is human resource and more so with the growth in information technology. Thus, it becomes imperative to utilise this scarce resource in the most efficient way.

Our human resource management and development system is a one stop solution as it starts with monitoring of attendance and ends with performance analysis of the employees.

Some of the reports that our system generates are: Attendance Report, Leave Status, Compensation History, Performance Analysis, Compensation Advice etc.



Do you have large volumes of unorganized data in your organization? You wouldn’t even realize how they slowly start affecting the functioning of your business and distort your decision making. Data processing becomes imperative to bring in accurate information systems into your organization.

ACC has a proven track record of handling data and information systems for it’s clients We can digitize your raw data and transform it into useful information. You can leverage our expertise in handling data processing services. Rest assured that our services will eventually give you insightful data at your finger tips and improve your organizational efficiency.

Raw data received from the client is processed and given to the client as per the desired format. With our large setup with Heavy Duty Line Matrix Printers backed by high power UPS. We have a capacity of handling huge printing jobs of more than 20000 pages.



We are confident of keeping complete confidentiality of your data and documents and our data-entry experts work with utmost accuracy. ACC provides data entry services for all kinds of textual data capturing from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, web research, on-line data entry, offline data entry etc. We always start with a service plan for your specific data entry projects and form logical processing requirements. Our approach to data entry is unique and the technologies we use enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and fast turnaround time (TAT).

"ACC Advantages"

  • Vast experience of executing voluminous data entry projects.
  • Experienced Data Entry personnel and supervisors well versed with English.
  • Strong Quality Assurance Systems in place to achieve an accuracy of over 99.995%.
  • Equipped with Heavy duty line matrix system backed by high capacity UPS
  • Competitive pricing which are as low as 40-50% of the prevailing costs.
  • Excellent training infrastructure
  • We maintain rapport with customers and total emphasis on quick response to their feedback.